A good living being self employed providing web services

How hard is it to start a web service business, quit your employment, and then grow that business so it provides a good living?

I expect it is well hard with a million and one things to do and a huge range of skills required.

Have a look at the about section to know a little about me, but rest assured I am not a dynamic go getter genius, so this will be a real tale that will hopefully relate to all of you.

The one thing I want to explore and then maintain is the removal of the layers of middlemen that cloud and clog most IT business’s and projects . In IT, everyday, management do what they do best.

  • Complicate outcomes into incomprehensible requirements and service agreements
  • Create crises and conflicts and then conduct the resolution of these
  • Manage money and expectations to the nth degree
  • And more…

People always veer (not the right word) to do what they are good at, making the above behaviour understandable. But the overhead of all this cause the problems, the meetings, the cost overruns, the delays, the complexity.

But with all the great collaboration tools that we have now, many companies have broken through those overheads, those pains and pangs, that middle layer, and become successful. I want to experience that first hand, where I can sense it, smell it, and not be stressed out trying to attain it. Something that I believe can only happen when free of employment in a hierarchical corporation. And more likely being self employed.

So in that sense this blog will not relate to the small percentage of you already working at those advanced, creative dream work places you hear and read about, but the rest of us plebs.

To start with then:

  1. Some simple rules that create a working process
  2. A tool that aids collaboration and organization (as I will need help)

Psst, I’ve already decided on Trello for number two.

Starting with a Site Redevelopment

Reading magazines like net magazine I feel like a dinosaur so some serious upskilling is needed. 11 years of a comfy development roles in a corporate using the same technologies will do that to you.

Rather than starting from scratch I have decided to get experience by choosing a website for a local business to redevelop. A couple of rules and guidelines will help to keep this foucused on what skills I want to develop and be marketable for my business.

  1. Site developed using WordPress CMS (24% of the web is WordPress evidently)
  2. Responsive Web Design (The site I choose should not be mobile first optimised)
  3. No extensive server side work required

A quick look on the web for small businesses around Wellington and I have gone with Go Fi8ure for no real reason other than it needed a revamp, looked terrible on mobile and at first glance it was all Client Side work.

Of course the Go Fi8ure site may appear tomorrow as a beautiful site after it has been professionally redeveloped. But that is not the point. It is the process that I put to doing this and the skills I acquire that matter in my first site redevelopment.

Disclaimer: Apologies to anyone at GoFi8ure or the company that hosts that site for any offence in this work. It was a purely random choice.

Trello me this

That’s a really bad title, but with a good intention. Trello gives you an easy, simple, ability to plot your plan of attack for anything you set your mind to. Individually, or as a group, create a topic (board) and start trying to do something. But be careful because it can end up like planning to study for exams, 90% planning, 10% doing.

There is a massive knowledge base, examples and hints that you can explore with Trello. It may be best to start with the official guide and continue with some inspiring boards to get an idea of what you can do.


The above is obviously some aspirational, impossible to attain, uber project of buzz words and cool people. I will start with something simple and endevour to get a few things done and aspire to have someone else collaborate.

So below is my Blog Site board, and I have started my Web Business board with some tasks.


So get to it and Trello up a goal.